A party or entity that sells a security representing a claim on its assets (an equity security) or its contractual obligation to pay the holder at a future date (a debt security). American Banker Glossary
An entity that puts a financial asset in the marketplace. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A corporation or governmental agency which borrows money through the sale of securities. Exchange Handbook Glossary
Any company or other legal person or undertaking (including a public sector issuer) any class of whose securities has been admitted or is, or is proposed to be, the subject of an application for admission to trading. London Stock Exchange Glossary
Company that issues securities. NYSE Euronext Glossary

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issuer is‧su‧er [ˈɪʆuə, ˈɪsjuə ǁ ˈɪʆuər] noun [countable]
1. a person or organization that officially gives something such as a document to people who need or want it:

• Several credit card issuers now charge an annual fee for the use of their card.

2. FINANCE a company that makes its Securities (= bonds, shares etc ) available for sale:

• Another stimulus to the market has come from issuers buying back bonds.

ˌcorporate ˈissuer FINANCE
an issuer that is a company rather than a government organization:

• Among the biggest corporate issuers was El Paso Natural Gas Co., which offered $575 million of debt securities.

muˌnicipal ˈissuer FINANCE
an issuer that is a local government organization:

• State and local governments, as well as other municipal issuers, are offering higher yields to attract investors.

3. BANKING a bank or government that issues currency in the form of banknote S and coins, making them officially available:

• The Bank's function as the issuer of currency notes is separate from its banking activities.

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issuer UK US /ˈɪʃuːər/ noun [C]
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a company, government, or organization that offers shares, bonds, etc. for sale: bond/equity/warrant issuer »

You'll get your principal back at maturity, provided the bond issuer doesn't default.


corporate/municipal issuer

a person or company that supplies, publishes, or makes something available: credit-card/debit-card issuer »

Credit-card issuers increased their efforts to collect bad debts.


ticket/certificate issuer

MONEY a bank or government that officially makes available currency and coins: »

The country's long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings were cut two levels.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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